The Highland fling: what do men REALLY wear under kilts?


It’s 9:50 CST, and I promised my son I would have my first real post published by midnight PST [he lives in Southern California.]  A flurry of unexpected events today completely wrecked my plans for a leisurely Superbowl Sunday, and I totally forgot about the post.

This is a quilt I am currently working on for my brother — a total Anglophile, especially when it comes to the military. And since we have Scottish ancestry, it really is quite fitting.  


I had hoped to have it finished by Christmas 2012, but I didn’t have a great photo from which to work.  So when I was visiting him that holiday, I nicked one of his numerous books on the subject. Here is the photo on which I based the quilt:


Pardon the glare; I’m still a probie at this whole blogging thing.  Anyway, I had planned to finish it by Christmas 2013, but I was scheduled to take a workshop with The Incredible Laura Breitman in June and was considering using her technique for it.  It turns out her method would have been too labor-intensive for this subject [the kilt would have been a nightmare!] so I was back to my usual fuse-and-free-motion.  Then the inevitable P3 occurred when my confidence began to wane: perfectionism, paralysis and procrastination.  A good self-kick in the butt, and I started it two weeks before Christmas; I tend to work well under pressure.

I was making great progress until I realized that if I was going to finish it by Christmas, it would mean I wouldn’t be spending quality time with my kiddos, three of whom were in town for only a short time.  Hmmm,  isolating myself in my studio or hanging with the fam? Definitely a no-brainer, especially since this may be the last Christmas with all six of us together before the younguns scatter with their significant others!

I thought ‘no worries — I’ll finish it by his birthday’  which was January 11.  Well, the pups and I came down with a nasty little stomach bug at the beginning of the new year, and January 11 came and went.  I have removed all traces of a deadline from my thoughts: it will be finished when it is finished. I’m learning I don’t like working under pressure.

I’m working on adding shadows to the quilt, so I’ll post a few detail pictures to show you soon. Stay tuned: same bat time, same bat channel!